A Bivariate Map

Making A Bivariate Map

Making A Bivariate Map 28 ft x 8ft approx.

A Bivariate Map made visual connections between selected passages in Darwin’s On the Origin of Species with the Old Testament of the King James Bible.  A Bible concordance was used to locate each word in the selected phrases and these words were highlighted with white gesso circles and joined with free-drawn pencil lines. A table of contents listing the words indicated the location of each word within the grid. Additional words not in usage in the King James version of the Old Testament were added into the spaces in the margins, highlighted, and included in the contents.

A Bivariate Map - Contingent Piece

A Bivariate Map – Contingent Piece, planning and process

Contingent to Bivariate Map - detail

Contingent to Bivariate Map – detail and selection of Darwin’s text

Contents - A Bivariate Map

Contents – A Bivariate Map – Words in Upper case do not appear in the King James Bible


30 Books

still2 copy

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Plan drawing for 30 Books

Plan Drawing with Grid references for 30 Books

30 Books is a One minute film.  It was selected for the Whitstable Biennale, 2008 and screened at Harbour Books, Whitstable. The books selected were from my personal collection and have personal meaning for me. I was inspired by the times I have spent with books, alone and with people I care about, and wanted to present these pages and moments as specimens, fluttering and captured.