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Medium Memory

A series of slides from travels in the U.S., Europe and Egypt between 1987-1990 have been scanned, printed and were exhibited as postcards. Exploring memory as a medium, visitors were invited to share words, poems, memories, and stories (factual or fictional) that might be inspired by the images.

Duplicate postcards were provided for this, and contributions were shared in future exhibitions and at http://hopefitzgerald2.tumblr.com/

“When pictures are taken, the intention is often to keepsake a memory — of a time, a place, or people we care about. They hold our stories in place, like Wendy Darling’s stitches reconnect Peter Pan’s shadow. Due to the passage of time, many of these images have lost their stories. Perhaps some stories that have lost images can be found here.”

Medium Memory invites visitors to contribute to the work through their own memories, or through stories, poems, fact or fiction.

30 Books

still2 copy

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Plan drawing for 30 Books

Plan Drawing with Grid references for 30 Books

30 Books is a One minute film.  It was selected for the Whitstable Biennale, 2008 and screened at Harbour Books, Whitstable. The books selected were from my personal collection and have personal meaning for me. I was inspired by the times I have spent with books, alone and with people I care about, and wanted to present these pages and moments as specimens, fluttering and captured.